Horse Physiotherapy

Equine Physiotherapy SuffolkPhysiotherapy by a fully trained and qualified physiotherapist is essential for maintaining and ensuring optimum performance and comfort for your horse.

Whether it is post surgery, after discovery of an injury or part of a general conditioning plan or check, there is no better way of achieving optimum results for horse and rider.


Only after Injury or Surgery?

Absolutely not. Physiotherapy checks are recommended biannually for your pleasure horse and more frequently for competition horses, in order to ….

  • Correct movement dysfunction and muscle imbalance (tightness and weakness) and thus help to prevent injury. Subtle changes and asymmetries can be difficult to detect by owners who see their horses from day to day.
  • Optimise condition pre and post competition.
  • Enhance performance and maximise potential in all disciplines
  • Maximise comfort and quality of life in the older horse particularly those with arthritis.
  • Assess for physical restriction and discomfort relating to schooling / behavioural issues.

Why you should use Physiotherapy Post Injury or Surgery

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