Horse Physiotherapy Services


Equine Physio StretchA full assessment of your horse including:

  • Observation of posture, conformation and symmetry.
  • Gait assessment which may incorporate observing the horse on the lunge or ridden depending on the problems experienced.
  • Hands on musculoskeletal assessment including palpation and range of movement assessment.

The assessment is tailored to the horse and rider as appropriate.


Some of the most frequently offered treatments include:

  • Joint mobilsation.
  • Soft tissue mobilisation.
  • Massage
  • Electrotherapy:
    TMM – A muscle stimulation machine that can be used to assess the quality of a muscle contraction and mobilise muscles and joints to optimise function.
    Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy – relieves pain, increases circulation, increases the rate of tissue repair, accelerates the inflammatory process, reduces swelling.
    Laser treatment- accelerates healing, restores cellular function, reduces pain and swelling, decreases muscle spasm.
    An individually tailored exercise programme for the owner/rider to carry out with the horse incorporating stretching, strengthening and stabilising exercises. These are frequently carried out from the ground and may include in-hand pole exercises. Often ridden exercises will be given in conjunction with these as the horse progresses.
  • I work in conjunction with your vet as well as other professionals such as farriers and saddlers as required.
  • I can provide professional advice for riders and trainers including the provision of a fully tailored plan if required and necessary.

About Horse Physiotherapy

Why you should use Physiotherapy Post Injury or Surgery

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