Horse Rider Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Horse RidersWhether it is as a result of an injury or suspected problem, or simply a case of seeking to ensure that you are getting the best results from your horse when riding, physiotherapy is the best way of achieving this aim.

Many of us spend endless time and hard-earned money on the performance and comfort of our horses, ranging from lessons and dentistry to tack and nutrition. The rider is, however, the biggest influence on the horse.

Until recent years there has been very little focus on rider physiotherapy but rider posture is a major contributor to the symmetry and balance of the horse. Often simple ‘pointers’ alone from instructors will not resolve the problem or achieve a satisfactory long term outcome.
Are you or your instructor consistently noticing habits in relation to your position – i.e. collapsing one side, hitching one leg or sticking out an elbow?

……….This may be due to muscle imbalance. In other words tight or weak muscles in comparison to the same muscles on the other side are causing this asymmetry.

Do you find your horse lacks straightness, tends to drift one way (jumping or flat) or struggles on one rein compared to the other?

…………..Whilst issues and discomfort in the horse itself should always be addressed, it is possible  that the rider might be the cause due to uneven balance and weight distribution. Your brain may be telling you that you are straight when you are not!

Are you riding a horse that has had a long-term lameness or back problem?

……………Horses develop methods of compensating for their injuries which can cause them to be crooked. Often riders will automatically adapt to these asymmetries and become crooked themselves. This further hinders the horses’ straightness and balance. A symmetrical rider will help to develop a symmetrical horse and, obviously, vice versa!

Have you had injuries in the past or are you returning to riding after an injury?

……………. Much like horses our bodies will compensate for injury to the detriment of our straightness and symmetry.  Rider physiotherapy can help to identify areas of imbalance and restore maximum straightness, strength and stability.


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