Post-Injury or Surgery

Horse Physiotherapy ExerciseVeterinary Physiotherapy is an important aspect of your horse’s recovery after musculoskeletal (joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve) injury, or surgery.

Horses can compensate for pain and lameness by adapting the way that they move to reduce pain. Changes in soft tissue occur to support this new movement pattern. Physiotherapy can minimise this compensation to correctly load the recovering structure and prevent secondary issues arising from abnormal movement.

For optimal recovery early input is recommended from the point of box rest so your horse is in the best possible condition prior to recommencing exercise.

Throughout your horse’s recovery you will be provided with an individually tailored exercise plan in conjunction with advice from your vet to ensure maximum mobility, strength and stability for return to ridden work and competition and to avoid overstressing the repairing structure.

Physiotherapy post-colic surgery is also advisable to help recover abdominal muscle strength and core stability. Abdominal muscles are cut during surgery so correct rehabilitation is important for return to full function

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